Employee running for motivation

How to motivate a sales team

How do you increase productivity with your sales teams?  Are your sales reps motivated?  Many sales professionals struggle to see the big picture or stay continually engaged and hungry for more.  This isn’t due to the quality of your sales personnel, it’s simply a lack of motivation.

Motivation falls on the shoulders of management.  As managers, it is our job to keep our teams motivated and hungry for more; to constantly move the needle and break through new barriers….BUT HOW DO WE DO THAT?

  • Analyze Individual Motivations – Everyone is different. Dig in to what motivates each of your employees.  In my experience managing many different sales teams, a “one size fits all” approach to motivation doesn’t produce in today’s diverse workplace.  To optimize the success of our sales teams, we have to adapt and customize our employee’s motivators.
  • Set clear expectations – Communicate performance goals and metrics (Daily, Monthly, and Quarterly). Hold regular meetings to drive home these expectations and maintain focus.
  • Celebrate success and celebrate it PUBLICLY – Publicly recognize the small and big wins for individuals and the team.
  • Increase Visibility – Incorporate leader boards and display sales quotas where everyone can see. This will naturally motivate your teams to push harder because everyone in the company can tune into their production.  No salesperson wants to be at the bottom of any performance list or leader board; it’s against their competitive nature.
  • Team centered gamification – Create a fun environment where employees encourage each other to participate and produce. The result is a total team environment, leading to increased sales, morale, and productivity. Who wouldn’t want to be rewarded for playing games at work?

These simple points will drastically improve the longevity and consistency of your sales teams’ motivation if utilized on a regular basis.

Having a motivated sales team is vital to the success of every company.  The relationships they build with your clients and customers is the foundation of your organization; not just in terms of individual sales, but also your overall reputation and growth.  Unmotivated Sales teams that struggle to find, or even see, the almighty carrot, crumble that foundation, making it harder to hit goals and move into new markets.

Here at Acquirent, we implement these tactics daily with all of our sales teams and have yielded tremendous growth.  Try these with your team and watch your bottom line soar along with your team’s morale.