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The Math of Sales: Why sales needs good data

Geoff Winthrop, Executive VP and partner of Acquirent and Bill Johnson, CEO of Salesvue discuss their experience as career salesmen and how having good, accurate data helps drive success in growing their business.

We analyzed 1,542,692 touches – 336,495 leads – 190,081 accounts and 19,799 appointments across multiple industries to come up with the averages found in this webinar.

Math of Sales is about understanding connection and conversion rates.

If you don’t know your numbers then you can’t know if you are leaving money on the table.  What does it take to get a connection with a prospect? What does it take to convert them into a lead?

Industry pundits talk about how many touches companies need to achieve maximum revenue potential from prospects – 6 touches, 8 touches, 12 touches…these are all averages.  You need data driven by YOUR company.

Good data helps to avoid wasted energy

Prospecting Sucks. Are you doing it right? Is your process effective?  What if you could have more conversations?  How do you know which emails are working and how often to send them?  Which lead source is the most effective for your business?

There are too many questions that are impossible to answer if you don’t have the necessary data and this could be costing your business $$$.

Data can help you become a better sales manager

You want to ensure you are tracking the right metrics for your team.  Who is working smarter and who is working harder?  Knowing the conversion rates for your reps can help you gauge who needs additional training and who has skills that could help the rest of your team.  That top dialer of yours may need some coaching to help increase their conversion rate.

With the right information you can make your sales team wildly proficient.  Without the right information there is no way to create a repeatable, scalable sales organization. Be sure to watch the full Math of Sales video to get more specific and in-depth information about how to get started.   If you have questions regarding sales strategies, dashboards, reporting and analytics please contact Geoff at  Or if you want to learn how to build  your team’s Math of Sales and learn how technology can help you prescribe your most effective cadence, contact Bill Johnson at