Lunch and Learn at Acquirent

What’s better than free pizza, productive brainstorming, and targeted learning to break up the work day? We’re tackling this combination in our monthly “Lunch and Learn” sessions.

As a company, Acquirent is honing in on training and ongoing education for our team. We see this as one area, no matter the sales process, cycle or product, that can differentiate a great sales person from a good one. Our management team has always believed that training and learning must be ongoing. Sometimes the best training happens on the phone, during a sales conversation or while engaging with customers or prospects. Coupled with classroom and best practice training, each sales person will have the chance to grow both personally and professionally.

With a team of sales professionals selling across industries with different price points, sales cycles and processes, these Lunch and Learn sessions serve to bring our entire team into one place. With an interactive approach to the training, we leverage our best practices by putting them in real sales scenarios across all industries making the training more powerful and relevant.

Our most recent Lunch and Learn focused on professional etiquette and networking in both sales and life. It was a little bit of a catch all, but a nice reminder for each of us. And for the first time, our growing team couldn’t all fit in the conference room so we had to upgrade to a bigger space! Some of the hot topics of the session included:

  • Best practices around conducting yourself in business meetings
  • How to treat others in the workplace
  • E-mail etiquette