Best Practices for Sales Navigator

Training at Acquirent is one of our core competencies and recently we hosted LinkedIn relationship manager Kathryn Rudey for a training session on the new Sales Navigator. The tool is designed to engage prospects earlier in the buyer process and has numerous features we believe our teammates (and potential clients) can benefit from. The training session was informative and interesting and we asked Rudey to share her notes with our team and you. Happy Selling!


The buying process has changed; there are more buyers and influencers involved in buying decisions and the majority of buyers use social media for research prior to engaging with a sales professional. The new Sales Navigator platform is designed specifically to support these changes in the buying and selling process. It provides key insights for leads and accounts and allows sales teams to engage with buyers earlier in the buying cycle and to provide them with relevant information at critical times in the buying process. Set aside time each day to engage in social selling activities; begin to make it part of your daily sales routine and you’ll quickly see results.

Saving Leads & Accounts

  • Save at least 10 accounts – focus on your key prospects for the next 2 quarters
  • Within each of your saved accounts, identify at least 5 leads that are either key decision makers or will influence the purchase decision. Save those leads.
  • You don’t have to be connected with someone to save them as a lead; saving them as a lead allows you to gain insight and create opportunity for engagement
  • Use lead builder to design searches to increase your pipeline
  • Use the search filters to target your search to the specific decision makers and influencers you want to reach
  • Save your search and set up alerts to receive updates on new leads; review the alert and save new leads
  • Review your search results and add key decision makers and influencers to your saved leads list

Engaging with Insights

  • Make it a habit to review your Sales Navigator newsfeed each morning
  • Set aside 15 – 20 minutes each day to incorporate this into your daily process
  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights to start at least 1 new conversation each day
  • Spend 15 minutes daily engaging with your current network – share an update, comment on a post, send a message to someone in your network
  • Use InMail as a communication tool
  • Use the insights you’ve uncovered via your newsfeed to personalize your InMails
  • Review profiles of key contacts and use that information in your InMails
  • Use the filters in your lead list to determine the key groups where your leads belong
  • Join those groups and actively participate