Lead Management

Lead Management as a part of sales can be controlled through a number of systems, but is key to developing a sales strategy. The first step in developing a sales strategy is choosing to sell on your own or outsourcing the sales function. Outsourcing can take on the form of a b2b sales consultant; full b2b sales outsourcing or b2b sales lead generation. If you choose to outsource sales team, then choosing a vendor with a transparent system, best practices in hiring, training and management is essential.

One good measure of this type of b2b sales outsourcing company is their ability to develop a sales strategy that takes everything from lead generation through Lead Management and all the way to the close. The use of a central CRM system that allows for transparency and constant feedback in the sales process is key. Outsourced sales services should be experts in this type of reporting, lead tracking and sales process development. Otherwise, you will still find yourself doing the majority of the work and heavy lifting.

Consultative sales or a consultative sales process is also dependant on this central sales process idea. Starting with Lead Management, best practices include developing a comprehensive approach to contacting the lead. Most effective and experienced outsourcing companies will use a combination of touch points to include the phone, physical mail, email and voicemails throughout the sales process. Lead Management depends on tracking these activities in a CRM and trying to automate as many of the connections as possible. However, while technology can help in the efficiency of how we contact a lead or prospect and develop them into an opportunity, it can not replace individual b2b sales experience.

Happy Selling!!!!