Keys to Sales Success – Continual Sales Training

There are many keys to sales success. One such key is the nature, topics and method of sales training. Best in breed sales training never stops and is a combination of sales strategy training, product training and continued technology review. Too often today, outsourced sales team will be given initial product training, perhaps some scripting or objection handling and then are left to their own habits to execute a sales strategy. In order to have b2b sales success and develop a strong outsource sales force, the outsourced sales services must include some ongoing training and more sales strategy.

We employ a number of training techniques from class sessions, ongoing call monitoring, call recording and play back as well as informal training through mentor programs and all company meetings. The topics of these training sessions can range from Consultative sales strategy to Lead Management, developing a sales strategy, closing and how to get past a gate keeper. In addition, we work to bring an outside voice in to the company once a quarter and talk about a sales related, but often non-work oriented topic such as health and wellness, stress management or philosophy. Through this effort, we have more rounded and educated sales force who can handle every sales situation.

Another huge success in the past two years has been the formal and developed mentorship program we use to train and coach younger members of our outsource sales team. This program allows each team member to meet with a more experienced peer who is not in management and discuss account issues, sales strategy and other related topics. The channel has provided real time feedback to management, another voice for the younger sales team and a means to develop and alter some of our sales training. In fact, we have added topics such as Lead management and developing a sales strategy to our initial training course as a result.

In the end, to have a successful outsourced sales force, a good vendor must offer outsourced sales service to include training. Within that training, one keys to sales success it to never loose focus on the training and encourage ongoing learning. Whether it is through a mentor program, tuition reimbursement, monthly training sessions or the occasion lunch and learn, sales training is one of the many keys to sales success in executing an outsourced sales force.