Inside sales has gotten a bad rap over the years. So many people associate it will aggressive telesales people calling them at dinnertime or robotic sales people who have little talent or skill. Both of these can be true when applied to inside sales, but in most cases – they are not the norm. When it comes to outsourced sales and marketing, inside telesales is not only the most widely used, but oftentimes the most cost efficient as well .

“But that won’t work for me”, you say, “my product needs to be sold belly to belly.”

While we would never negate the effectiveness of a face to face sale, we are here to tell you that inside telesales and inside sales appointment setting are very effective ways to sell – and you might be surprised at how well an inside outsourced sales campaign (now that’s a mouthful!) might work for you.

First of all – the corporate world and climate in which we do business is undergoing a paradigm shift. People are more connected than ever and the “traveling salesman” is quickly becoming a thing of the past with the increasing sophistication of CRM, web meeting software, and the ability to communicate face to face without actually being face to face. When you outsource your sales and marketing, one of the benefits you reap is speed to market. How do we do that? We conduct the sale in the most efficient way possible. We cold call, we set appointments, we conduct web demonstrations, we close. That’s, essentially, what we do. Inside telesales is an integral part of this efficiency.

Contrary to popular belief, not all inside sales representatives are college drop outs or people who could not “make it” in outside sales. All of our telesales representatives are highly educated, college educated professionals who have incredible skills when it comes to inside telesales. Many of them prefer inside sales. They don’t want to deal with expense accounts and frequent flyer miles. They don’t want to be traveling every week. They choose inside telesales for a reason – and that reason is to have a work/life balance. To assume that all inside sales representatives are “second rate” is totally and blatantly untrue.

When you turn to an outsourced sales and marketing company you might not realize that you don’t have to hand over your entire sales function to us. Oftentimes we fill in only a piece of the sales puzzle. We can begin as a telesales outsourcing partner where our representatives will begin by conducting cold calls to set sales appointments for your outside representatives. This means less time in the office for your reps, and more opportunity for our reps. Win/win. You would be surprised at how much more efficient your outside sales representatives can be if they have a strategic partner on the inside, setting appointments for them.

Inside sales is becoming a more and more necessary function of the sales machine as more companies learn that is is just as effective (if not more effective) and much more cost efficient than outside sales. Give Acquirent a call today and discover how an inside telesales team can work for you!

Happy Selling!