Increased Sales = Increased Activity

While there are many reasons that a sales person or sales team may not be selling, one root cause that can be an easy fix is to look at their activity. The road to increased sales is sometimes a factor of looking at statistical sales, meaning to not just call it a numbers game, but look at the numbers and try to find solutions. Many outsourced sales companies are experts in looking at metrics, measuring sales activity and sales mentoring with the end goal of creating results. With one recent outsource sales team under my watch, I looked behind some of the reported numbers and tried to find the root cause of the lagging results. Within two days, we were able to increase sales by monitoring and measuring the right activity. Often in b2b sales, it takes time to develop an active sales pipeline. One sales tip here is to motivate the sales person to interim goals that are sales activity based and reward them for achieving the goals.

Sales Appointment setting is also all about sales activity. In order to increase sales, a company may turn to outsourced sales or a telesales outsourcing company to help them increase their pipeline through sales appointment setting. Again here, the key to sales success is motivating the sales person to the right goals. B2b sales outsourcing is only successful when the right goals and targets are set and there is a real partnership in the outsourcing. You can increase sales through this type of transparent outsourced sales approach.