Improve your Sales Appointment Setting

For most business owners, sales appointment setting is a time consuming and tedious task. When I had first started my business ten years ago, I enjoyed setting up appointments with potential customers to discuss my products. I firmly believe that every customer counted and I wanted to work hard to establish relationships with every single client that purchased my products. However as time passed and my business became more and more successful I found it difficult to maintain the same high level of communication between myself and my potential clients.

I decided to hire a few sales people to take over this task. Their main objective would be to seek out new clients, sales appointment setting, and executing the sales. I was hoping that this particular move would increase my sales since I would have three sales individuals performing the job that I had originally been doing myself. After a few months I realized that the sales numbers were not increasing. And, I had several existing customers call to complain that my new sales people were not knowledgeable about the products or professional in their mannerisms. When they had contacted my sales reps with questions about new products or to change orders they were directed to other departments within my company. I wanted my sales team to build relationships with my clients, not get them to order something and then pass them off.

Giving my new hires the benefit of the doubt, I decided to focus on training them better and providing them with the opportunity to improve. But after a few more months with no increase in sales I realized that they did not share in my passion for my products nor did they have a passion for sales. Their lack of enthusiasm was failing to garner any new clients and it was completely deteriorating my relationship with existing clients.

Before anymore damage could be done I decided to look for other alternatives. I looked online for ways that I could find new clients, take care of sales appointment setting, and increase my sales. I found that sales outsourcing companies existed and could successfully perform all of these functions. They only employed highly trained and professional sales people that had proven track records of success. I was very excited about starting this process since I knew that I could not handle the sales responsibilities myself any longer but I needed to place them in the most capable of hands.

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