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Enter Your Flow State

When you think of successful people, who are the first that come to mind? What traits do they all have in common? Perhaps you think of their wealth. Maybe they have won an assortment of awards in their respective field.

Regardless of their type of success, one common trait you’ll find among almost all high achievers is that they are focused. They have an end goal that they are working towards, and they align themselves with the path that will reap their desired rewards.

That path includes entering a “flow state” or “deep work” as coined by author Cal Newport in his book “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.” Have you ever been so consumed by a task and dedicated so much effort that you lose track of time? That’s what happens during deep work or flow state.

Salespeople can reap huge rewards from learning how to find their flow state during the workday. It starts with organization. Break down your day and look at what important tasks need to be completed.

The next step is blocking off your day on your calendar, organizer or other tool for keeping yourself on task. If you know you need to make 30 sales calls before lunch, start by blocking off a specific amount of time during which making those calls is your only task.

Then, move on to your next task. Maybe you send 30 follow-up emails. Maybe you have meetings lined up. Whatever it may be, the point is to enter a state of flow where you have one single focus for a specific amount of time.

Start small at first. Take one of your daily tasks, and try to complete it in flow state. Then, as you progress, incorporate other tasks into your day in the same way.

You should notice a significant increase in your productivity and job satisfaction. You’ll be giving each important task your full attention. Leave tasks that don’t need your full attention for times between your flow state work. This approach will keep you refreshed and help you to avoid burnout.


Austin Barchett

Team Leader, Acquirent