How to Prepare for Your Outsourced Sales and Marketing Campaign

You have decided you would like to outsource your sales team and you have found a great sales partner in an outsourced sales company…now what?

While we do most of the work, there are several elements from your end that must be in place to run a successful outsourced sales campaign. Sales force outsourcing – while by nature “passing the buck” – requires a lot of cooperation from you as well. To run a successful sales campaign you must partner with us – not simply hand over the reins to us. If you are looking to completely disconnect with your sales force, then we are not for you. However, if you are looking to partner with us – and work with us – our outsourced sales and marketing solution could be just what you are looking for to grow your sales revenue. Here is what we like in an outsourced sales client to get up and running smoothly:

1) A product: It sounds funny, but we have entertained a lot of companies who are looking for an outsourced sales campaign actually have products “in development”. If we are going to sell your product or service for you – it is a LOT easier if it is developed. Selling a product that is not ready is not good for anyone.

2) Training: While we are experts at developing sales cycles and outsourced sales campaigns, we are not experts in your product or service. If you are looking at using an outsourced sales firm, be prepared to train our outsourced sales person (or persons) either at your facility or ours. Product knowledge is key to run a successful sales campaign, so getting our sales rep up and running will require your help.

3) A contact: when we choose a company to work with, we are choosing a partner. the nature of our business is a strategic outsourced sales partnership. Therefore, we need to have a contact person within your organization with whom our sales managers and our outsourced sales team can connect with on a daily or weekly basis to answer questions, and stay current. This person should be dedicated and responsive. To often we have had clients that just fall off the grid – and this does not yield a good sales partnership.

4) Enthusiasm! Just like anything – enthusiasm always adds that extra boost to our outsourced sales and marketing campaigns. If you and your company are enthusiastic about our strategic sales partnership – it translates all the way down the li

With these three elements – we can get your outsourced sales campaign up and running and start growing your business for you! Outsourcing your sales force to us isn’t handing over the baton, it’s engaging in a firm handshake to help each other along. Remember, salesforce outsourcing requires YOU to be successful!

Happy selling!