How Good Habits Can Make You a Better Salesperson

So you want to be a better salesperson? Start by forming positive habits that will promote internal growth as well as help you better connect with potential customers. Habit forming doesn’t happen overnight, and myths about the length of time it takes to form a habit have been rampant for years. In her research study regarding habit formation, Phillippa Lally, a psychology Ph.D, found that habit forming can take anywhere from “18 to 254 days.” In other words, habit forming is a fulltime job, requires intense commitment, and probably won’t happen in a week. That’s why, it’s important to prioritize the most important habits first, and get to the rest once you’ve solidified those. In terms of habits all sales people should work towards, your friends here at Acquirent have a few recommendations:

  • Embrace Technology: Today, salespeople have a world at their fingertips, and untapped potential customers all around them. But how do you reach your goal customers and then some? Embracing technology is a great first step. Connect with friends, potential customers, businesses and more on social media sites from LinkedIn to Facebook. Find great apps that make connecting with your customers easier or your sales processes more efficient. Most importantly, use these services regularly.
  • Do Your Research: Before any potential meeting, make it a habit to do as much research as possible on your client or customer. If you can understand their goals, and show them how you can turn those goals into meaningful outcomes, then you’re on the path towards trust. Trust, in any sales relationship, is one of the most difficult, yet effective, signifiers that a client will buy and buy again.
  • Fulfill Your Promises: Promise fulfillment sounds simple but is all too often unrealized. As a salesperson, you have to be transparent. You need to sketch out to a potential client or customer what exactly they’re getting and how exactly it will benefit them. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and never win a sale based on false claims. A promise realized will gain you customers later on, deceitful tactics will taint your business and cause future customers to be wary of your product or service.

If you’re looking for a sales recruiting company in Evanston or just need outsourced sales management near Chicago, Acquirent knows how to get your sales team in shape. Let us help your team build habits that will lead to growth, trust, and a wealth of customers who not only use your products, but brag about them.

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