Giving Can Be Getting – Even in Sales

It’s the time of year that we begin to reflect on the year that was, plan for next year and take stock of what progress we have made as salespeople.

As you start this process there are some important things to keep in mind and reminders all around of the fortunate path you have chosen as a sales person. As I have said in previous posts – sales is hard, but it is also one of the most rewarding and honorable ways to earn a living. The holiday season always reminds me that there are people out there with bigger issues than sales funnels, delayed deals, and underperforming sales reps.

In these reflections there is also a reminder that when you give back to your sales team, your community, and your clients you often get more in return than you bargained for. We often interview and hire team members that are just as interested in how Acquirent gives back to our community as they are in the benefits and compensation package.

I was reminded of the power of giving just last week as our sales reps all worked together to create 12 Thanksgiving baskets for local families. Pictured above is our Brian Fitzpatrick with one of those baskets. In celebration of their success, they also all pulled together a pre-Thanksgiving office pot luck lunch which had an amazing turnout and atmosphere. It was a little thing, but I know everyone was motivated by working together and seeing the impact they had on the local families.

Likewise, giving back to your customers can have unexpected results. Whether it be donating to a cause they hold dear, giving of your time, or just working on a project that may not result in any direct revenue, they remember your efforts. Remembering the importance of thinking of others in these cases will prove valuable as your customers truly become partners. Those relationships are hard to come by in the professional world and, when you find them, they can be the most rewarding you will ever have.

I know these points are pretty self-evident but I thought worth the reminder as it can be easy to overlook when we are so busy working in our day-to-day roles. Most of the successful people I’ve met have found a way and the time to get involved in one way or another. It is a common thread that they always get more back than they feel they give and I think it is important for anyone starting out in sales to take stock of that lesson.

So take heart and give this season, I promise you will get more back far more than you expect.