Get the Most from Telesales Phone Appointments

If you are looking to increase sales, you might first start with seeing how well your representatives doing on the phone. Sales appointment setting is an art and something that has definitive steps and stages if you want to do it right. This is not rocket science, and these are not secrets that no one else knows…but you might want to check and make sure that you are following the process in order to get the most from telesales phone appointments. By utilizing the help of an outsourced sales and marketing company, you might just find where you have been going wrong. Read on and see if you are getting the most from your telesales phone appointments…

First, you must start with an attention grabbing introduction. If your goal is to set sales appointments, you must start your sales appointment call with an introduction that grabs the buyer’s attention. Take a look at your cold call scripts and give your cold calls a great, attention grabbing start. You also must clearly state who you are and give your reason for calling. A good introduction will help you to get the most from telesales phone appointments.

After the Introduction comes the qualifying questions…the point of “qualifying questions” is to motivate your prospect to answer questions. If you want to set sales appointments, you need to discover what it is they want. Find their pain points. This is also where you find out if it is worth while making a sales appointment with them by asking the right questions. Make sure you have at least four or five good, thorough qualifying questions to engage your prospect in a dialogue.

In the meantime, during the sales appointment call – it is likely that you will have to handle objections. Be sure to know VERY WELL the reasons prospects reject your appointments and come up with compelling rebuttals. Objections stand between you and your sales appointments and you must learn to deal with them with a cool and level head. Be sure your sales representatives are well versed in rebuttals.

At this point, you have introduced yourself, given your reason for calling, and motivated the prospect to move with you to the next stage of the appointment setting call.

Now, you must gain the prospect’s agreement to an appointment. This can be tricky. You must come up with a compelling way to get them to agree to meet you, either via web appointment – or in person. If you have done the previous steps correctly, it should be much easier to get prospects engaged and interested.

The only thing you have left to do, is close the sale!

Happy selling!