Submarine boat in ocean

From Sails to Sales

My decision to leave the military and join the civilian workforce is one that has caused me many sleepless nights. Questions like, “Will I stand out?” and, “Do I have the necessary skills to be successful as a civilian?” are a couple that bothered me when choosing my new profession.

Why I chose Sales

I entertained many professional interests when I selected my career. One of the main reasons I chose sales was because it would help me grow skills that would transfer to almost any profession. After I made my choice, the next big hurdle was finding a company that was a good fit for me. I wanted to find an organization that would support me in getting re-acclimated with the civilian world while allowing me to build skills that could transfer to what I ultimately want to become. Acquirent has been everything I could have asked for in both of these regards.

Initially, I expected the environment at Acquirent to be like the sales organizations characterized on television where the moment sales reps struggle or experience a lull, they lose their job. I was also concerned about the competitive nature of sales and worried I would need to be on guard against other reps. Working at Acquirent has proven to be quite the contrary. Everyone has been supportive as I have transitioned into my first civilian role outside of the military. The managers have been more than helpful in aiding me in improving my business communication skills, and my coworkers have been very supportive. We have fun daily while still maintaining a professional demeanor at work.

The culture at Acquirent has been conducive to my professional development as a sales person. Here, I am sharpening my communication ability in the business world to a level I never felt I would be able to achieve so quickly after leaving the military, where communication can be terse. My manager has helped me overcome professional communication shortcomings. 

I am extremely happy that I chose to join Acquirent’s team. I would recommend Acquirent to anyone in a transitional situation like mine.

Doug Bradsher

Sales Executive I