For Getting In the Door, Relationships Surpass Phone Calls

While the phone is indispensable for building and maintaining customer relationships, networking and experience cannot be beat for getting your company’s “pitch” heard. But smaller companies often can’t afford to employ veterans with full Rolodexes, if they can hire more than a small sales team at all. By partnering with an outsourced sales company with its own network of seasoned industry salespeople and decision-makers, smaller companies can leverage the sort of relationship network that will open new doors, which in turn will open even more.

Sales appointment setting is one of the greatest challenges of any sales team. After getting a foot in the door, sales will fall back onto conversion rates – so the more appointments that can be made, the more deals can be done. But few business decision-makers have the time or inclination to listen to thinly-veiled pitches over the phone asking for their valuable time. Through referrals and relationships, trust becomes the basis for busy decision-makers’ willingness to take time out of their days to listen to what it is your sales team has to team.

To take full advantage of the broadest network of industry and sales veterans, small and medium sized companies should consider the opportunities available to them through outsourced sales companies that have the human resources and accumulated good will that comes from lifetimes of relationship building by their contacts and recruits in the sales business.

Employing an outsourced sales company for sales appointment setting has significant cost advantages that can grow businesses’ top lines. First and foremost, companies who do not need one individual dedicated to appointment setting can utilize their partner’s expert appointment setting skills and large network of contacts without having to pay for their entire time. Because outsourced sales companie offer services to a number of clients, clients pay for fractions of employees rather than all of their time, and get the best people for their industry and potential markets because they can draw on a pool of talent rather than just one individual’s specific network and skills.

Sales veterans know that there is no better way to get an appointment than through a network of contacts in the business. Even the biggest businesses can’t afford a pool of sales talent that encompasses all their potential markets – they rely on the expertise of outsourced appointment setters who have the contacts they need to open up doors and new business relationships. Thankfully, businesses of all sizes can access the networks needed to set appointments.

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