Expand Your B2B Sales

As the manufacturer of heavy-duty construction machinery and equipment, I am constantly looking for ways to augment my b2b sales. Garnering new deals with new companies is imperative to the continued success of my company. While we strive to retain our customers and provide them with the highest quality products that are on the market, once a construction company is set with the machinery that they need, they might come back to buy replacement parts or additional equipment, but the original order is almost always to biggest one, which is why my company has to constantly find new businesses to sell our machinery to.

We have a great sales team, but I needed to find other ways to expand by b2b sales. My company needed to find new markets and different avenues to explore. I decided to call in the help of a professional company that specialized in helping businesses to grow their sales. I was really hoping that they could open a few more doors for my business and to introduce us to some new prospective clients. I signed up for a six month long program with the sales company. They would come in for six months and work to increase my company’s sales while providing my sales team with useful sales strategies.

I was very impressed by the way that this company increased our b2b sales. First, they compared my company to other construction equipment manufacturers and showed me where my company stood in the market. While we were doing quite well there was plenty of room for us to expand. We had never considered dealing with companies out of the country which was a huge oversight. There were many companies in Canada that were on waiting lists to buy some of the pieces of equipment that we had just sitting for sale in our warehouse. I was absolutely surprised by this. We contacted several of these Canadian companies and were happy to accommodate all of their needs.

Our sales team picked up on all of the sales tips that the specialists offered and continued to apply these skills and sales strategies after they were gone. Our sales were increased by one million dollars the year that we hired the sales specialists compared to the year before they came. They had a significant impact on my company’s immediate business and the long term success of my sales team.

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