Efficiency: Your Best Friend In Closing Deals

There’s no feeling worse than thinking you’re going to close a big deal, only to have it fall through at the last minute. When this happens—and sometimes it does—instead of sighing and moving to the next client, ask yourself: what could have made this deal go through? Here at Acquirent, we’ve found that as often as not, the answer is efficiency. Or, more accurately, a lack of efficiency.

A good salesperson knows that the old adage is true: time is money. Wasting time, whether it’s yours or your customers’, is a surefire way to watch your profits plummet. A key to maximizing efficiency is to create a strong, sustainable sales pipeline. What this pipeline will look like will be different for every company and business model, but carefully planning yours out and communicating it to your sales team will force you to tackle important questions that will lead to greater efficiency—and more successful sales—down the road. How are you screening potential clients to know who’s worth a cold call? Are there trends in the sort of clients that close, and the sort that wash out somewhere along the way? Is there a certain step in your sales process when a disproportionate amount of clients seem to wash out? Wrestling with these questions can allow you to identify “leaks” in your pipeline, which can be patched up for maximum efficiency.

Here at Acquirent, we know the value of an efficient sales pipeline in closing those important deals. If you’re looking for the best outsourced sales, look no further than Acquirent. Let our team help your team in maximizing efficiency to meet your sales goal.

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