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Earning Trust

As I think back on my previous work experience, there were fundamental principles that helped me achieve success. These strategies and skills are equally critical in a sales or customer support related environment. They are directly applicable to Acquirent’s fundamental core values known as The 5 Pillars.

Prior to joining the Acquirent team, I was a full-time audio engineer at a recording studio here in Evanston. During my three years at the studio, I engineered various live sessions. I also tracked, mixed, and mastered a variety of material. My path to landing that gig was unique and unconventional. The biggest take-away lesson I learned there was that the studio’s success depended on more than any single individual’s talents. Our team always went the extra mile and provided the highest level of customer service to facilitate a successful project based on client needs.

Establish a needs based strategy

In reality, 10 percent of my work was technical in nature while 90 percent of my success was based on the performer-engineer relationship. It was critical to communicate the studio’s value and potential throughout the project while keeping the client’s needs in mind at all times. Every client was given equal attention and the studio team provided a thoughtful needs-development analysis to establish a clear strategy for achieving a high-quality end result. The objective was to secure an outcome that both the studio and client would be proud of.

Engage on a meaningful level

Similarly, when approaching a prospective sales client, the purpose is to reach a successful, mutually satisfactory end result. Focus on creating engagement on a meaningful, emotional level rather than just a functional one. As Joe discussed in his sales level 2 training lecture, ‘Hot Leads,’ a major component of sales success starts with ‘stewardship,’ or, simply put, doing great work. Show the client that you care, that you are there for them every step of the way, and that you have an active interest in their aspirations. Ultimately, at the end of the day, you have to demonstrate an inherent ingenuity that communicates sincerity.

The recording industry takes a similar approach. Artists care deeply about their work, and they view it as an intimate extension of who they are. Once you have earned their trust, only then is it possible to move forward. Comparatively, a prospective sales client views their business services or products as an intimate extension of themselves. It is their identity. Keeping these fundamentals in mind along with executing a reasonable approach will assist in landing within striking distance of a close and generating a positive client network.

Nick Stoynoff
Sales Executive II