Different Ways to Increase Sales

All of my competitors were looking into ways that they could increase sales and gain a competitive edge in our market. I was the owner of a wedding DJ service that was experiencing its first year in which sales were actually on the decline. People within the wedding industry had noticed that less and less couples were getting married which made the pool of prospective customers that we had even smaller.

I had gotten together with a few different companies that provided various other services for weddings to discuss new ways to increase sales. There was a catering company, a photographer, and a tuxedo rental store that decided to brainstorm along with me. A lot of us had gotten to know each other at the numerous bridal expos that we had been attending together for years. These expos were great ways for us to promote our business to couples that would be tying the knot in upcoming years.

The group of us discussed how many couples were cutting as many corners as possible when planning their weddings. Instead of DJ’s people were bringing in their own stereos and cds. Instead of hiring a photographer couples were charging their friends with picture taking duties. We needed to somehow find a way that we could combine forces in order to increase sales. If weddings were on the decline and couples were cutting corners and trying to save money we needed to actively convince them to use our services.

I suggested that we develop packages combining all of our services and reduce our prices significantly for these package deals. We could afford to reduce our prices because we could combine our money and resources in advertising therefore reducing those costs. We could save our customers both money and time. They could take care of all of their wedding day needs in one appointment and for a lower price than they would be paying for each individual service.

My fellow wedding workers were intrigued. We decided to try out our new plan. Our group went to the next expo offering our combined services for a significantly lower price. It was a huge success. That evening we booked a total of ten weddings, which was more than I had booked all year. By appealing to savvy couples that were planning for their futures we were able to convince them that they still needed our services and we still needed their business.

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