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Debunking the Hunter Sales Personality Profile

As with many professions, the world of sales is full of diverse individuals who bring different skills to the table. An effective sales team utilizes the strengths of various personality types to find new leads, close deals, and maintain existing clients. There’s no “one size fits all” for finding effective sales reps, so a team with diverse skills is guaranteed to help your business grow.

In general, sales reps are divided into several distinct personality categories. These include: the “hunter,” the “trapper” and the “farmer.” Although hunters are typically regarded as the best type to hire for lead generation and business growth, a well-rounded sales team includes all three personality types.

To debunk the myth that hunters are the best personality type, we’ll explore some of the common traits each sales personality brings to the table and demonstrate how a well-rounded team really is the best way to find success.

Who is a Hunter Personality Type?

Just as the name suggests, hunters are the go-getters of the sales world. They seek opportunities to make connections, and enjoy the process of prospecting and searching for new customers. Hunters are often innovative in their sales techniques, and utilize their communication skills to make more deals. Because of their gregarious personalities, hunters are highly skilled when it comes to networking and social media.

Although they are dedicated salespeople and aggressively pursue leads, hunters can be impulsive and impatient. They tend to focus more on achieving sales goals rather than cultivating lasting relationships with existing clients.

In summary, the sales hunter is:

  • Innovative
  • Outgoing
  • Persistent
  • Goal-oriented
  • Hard working

Who is a Trapper and How Does it Differ From the Hunter Personality?

Sales trappers excel when it comes to catering to specific clients’ needs. Trappers are solution-oriented salespeople who use their knowledge of buyer personas to address specific problems. Trappers are persuasive and enjoy convincing reluctant prospects of their product’s value through problem solving. Trappers are familiar with every step of the sales process, and therefore can meet the client exactly where they are in the sales pipeline.

Trappers are excellent sales reps but might miss out on the big-picture due to their intense focus and detail-oriented personalities. Trappers shine when they use marketing data to craft customer-specific pitches.

Sales trappers are:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Persuasive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Solution-oriented
  • Client-focused

Who is a Farmer?

Last but not least are the farmer personalities. Farmers are steadfast, caring, and cater mostly to existing customers. Farmers are interested in cultivating continued relationships with long-term clients rather than prospecting for new deals. They are the ones who check-in with existing accounts, and nurture investors for long-term stability. Farmers are good listeners and pay attention to the preferences of each client as they work with them to find solutions.

Farmer types excel at nurturing clients, but aren’t as interested in discovering new leads. Farmers tend to flourish in settings where they don’t need to take the spotlight or spend a large amount of time cold calling. Farmers are team players, and work well in a sales environment that emphasizes collaboration.

Sales farmers are:

  • Good listeners
  • Caring
  • Team-oriented
  • Relationship-oriented
  • Attentive

How Do These Personalities Work Together?

Building an effective sales team means hiring a variety of personality profiles. The hunter, trapper, and farmer need to work together to create a harmonious sales system. Although hunters might be the flashiest, only hiring hunter personality types limits the flexibility of your sales team.

Unlike hunters, trappers and farmers synthesize client information to create personalized experiences that appeal to clients looking for a company that prioritizes value-based selling. In today’s sales climate, the average customer is looking for a more personalized experience. This means that value-based selling is the key to marketing your product to new audiences. While hunters might find the most leads, trappers and farmers help score deals and keep existing clients satisfied.

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It’s time to look beyond the hunter profile and create a sales team that works for all your clients. Combining goal-oriented and gregarious hunters with research-focused trappers and attentive farmers facilitates lead generation, closes deals, and fosters lasting relationships with clients.