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Building a Winning Sales Team – The 3 Most Important Things to Get Right

The Top Three Steps To Build A Winning Sales Team

Acquirent Chairman and CEO, Joe Flanagan shares his mantra with us in this month’s vlog: Recruit. Train. Manage. After decades of experience building top sales teams, Joe has concluded that there are three things that have to be done right. A winning sales team has recruiting the right people, has regular training for consistent improvement, and is managed fairly and effectively. However, it all starts with knowing your sales goals and determining a definition of success. This is key so you can determine what to look for when you start.


Recruiting the right people is step one. You have to know how to attract and identify top talent. Do you have a set recruiting process? Are you doing the same thing over and over again? We recommend using assesment tools created for hiring sales people if you do not have a process build out.

Another thing to consider when recruiting is the size of your market. Acquirent is lucky to be to based out of Chicago, so our talent pool of sales all-stars is deep. For many of clients, however, that pool is much smaller.

Training is also something that most sales people gravitate toward when considering a new role. Many companies train new reps about their product or service, company, and customers, but do nothing to sharpen those sales skills. As with all skills, continual training and practice keeps them sharp and feeds improvement. If you hand a sheet of music to a talented musician, they will still need to practice the new song to play it perfectly.

There is a plethora of training options both online and in person. If you aren’t sure where to start, Acquirent offers free sales training videos at https://www.acquirentsalestraining.com


Managing a winning sales team is another important, albeit challenging, aspect of building a sales force. What are you doing to track and manage the sales process of your team. Your managers need to be able to inspect what they expect. Whether that is revenue, activity, demos set, appointments held, close rate, or all of the above; you need to be able to see and analyze the results with your reps goals. This can be done with a great CRM, so it’s important to have yours set up right from the get go.

For many companies, the easiest way to set up their inside sales process is to outsource their team to sales experts. If you are curious to learn more, please visit acquirent.com and chat or call a member of our team.

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