Costly Selling Mistakes

As leaders and pioneers of the sales outsourcing industry, we have learned a lot through working with many different clients through the years. We have performed the sales outsourcing function for small businesses as well as large. We have worked with our sales representatives to set sales appointments both in person and over the phone. We have worked with long sales cycles and short. We have sold both products and services and finally, we have worked in a plethora of industries. There is little that this sales outsourcing company has not seen! Most importantly, we learned from our mistakes. These are a few of the mistakes that are made when people look to set sales appointments and increase sales.

When we take on a new outsourcing sales client, we like to go over their existing sales process and see where they are going wrong. As experts in providing sales outsourcing solutions, this is the least we can do. The first mistake people make is not differentiating themselves. Gimmicks, deals, and shoddy price guarantees do not work in building confidence in you or your company. These tactics should not be employed when trying to guide a potential customer through a buying decision. Instead, when it comes to setting sales appointments and closing deals, focus on the value and what your client will be getting. Really dig hard to discover what sets you apart from the rest.

The second mistake we see when we review our potential clients is that many don’t set a clear objective. A good portion of our clients are small businesses or start-ups and have been focusing on simply bringing their product to market, instead of envisioning and creating a thorough sales process. The sales process must be clear and defined and there must be clear objectives to accomplish at various stages. When working with an outsourced sales and marketing company, you will benefit from the experience of creating many, many sales processes and the rewards that come from that.

The third mistake we see people make often goes hand in hand with the previous mistake – and that is not asking the right questions. Not qualifying potential clients properly can be deadly to the sales cycle. A sales representative can waste a precious amount of time talking in circles to an unqualified prospect only to learn way too far down the sales process that they will not be a fit. Asking the right questions will ensure this does not happen. Remember, when you are setting sales appointments, the fit must go both ways! The right questions will move the sale forward with the right clients.

Another mistake we see in our outsourced sales and marketing prospects is that people do not present properly. We have met with many, many CEO’s who are so well versed in their products that they never, ever stop talking and listen to what we have to say. We understand this excitement, but it is definitely not the way to close new business. When it comes to outsourcing telesales, you must listen at least twice as much as you talk. A goal of the sales appointment should be to get the prospect asking you about your product or service, not listening to you pitch it.

The final mistake we see more often that one would guess is that so many fail to ask for a commitment. Not everyone is a born salesperson and the ability to “ask for the sale” is often the hardest (yet most important) hurdle to overcome. Opportunities are too often missed due to weak commitment statements. It becomes easy to continue setting sales appointment after sales appointment. Sooner or later you need to ask for the sale. It is the only way to move forward. What is the worst they are going to say? No?

When researching how to increase sales, consider the above and see how you and your business stacks up. If you find that you can relate to any of the common mistakes above, it might be time to consider hiring an outsourced sales and marketing firm. Sales outsourcing solutions come in all shapes and sizes and we can certainly work with you to find the best for you!

Happy Selling!