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Company Culture – Why it is Important

Company culture can have a large impact on employee retention. Having a thriving company culture can lead people to a company, or if it isn’t positive, it can drive them away. A successful company culture not only allows for growth but also allows for communication.

Ways to allow growth can include letting employees take on extra responsibilities within the company.  This demonstrates that the company has faith in its employees and establishes the culture as one that promotes individuals stepping outside of their normal which prevent feelings of stagnation. Employees who have the freedom to expand responsibilities will have a feeling of ownership and a sense gratification that they are making an impact on the company.

Communication also has a significant impact on employee growth. Companies that allow employees to openly communicate with one another are recognized as advocates for growth.  Open communication is also fostered by offering mentor programs in which more experienced salespeople provide guidance to new hires who are taking on their first sales role or by hosting social events to keep employees engaged with each other, and the company while having a little fun.  The more people communicate the more they learn…and grow.

Another benefit of having a positive company culture is that it mitigates some of the stress salespeople can experience. Cold-calling many people every day, and having the majority of those calls end in a “no” from the prospect, can be a grueling existence.  Being able to chat with a coworker or manager and receive some constructive feedback, helps us maintain the positive view that the next call will be better.  Communication and guidance not only promote self-growth but growth within the organization.

Company culture is increasingly a big factor in an employee’s and a prospective employee’s decision-making process.  An employer would be remiss to fail to recognize that employees enjoy work and are more productive in environments that allow them to grow and communicate freely.