Teammates talking to each other

Client/Rep Connectivity – How Important is it?

I knew I wanted to begin my sales career at Acquirent. I figured I would learn a lot from my experiences here. However, I had no idea how much I would learn about myself or my newfound drive to exceed expectations.

One aspect of my job is having weekly check-in calls with clients. These calls begin as new connections and develop into friendly professional partnerships. They help me to make sure we are on target to complete sales goals on time. During these calls, I gain tools that help me assess what techniques are successful and assist me in determining when we need to find alternative avenues to accomplish our goals.

I often find myself reflecting on these calls and then setting the bar higher for myself. Even when I get turned down after trying my best to make a sale, I learn something new from every experience. Those rejections only motivate me more to excel. Once I have someone on the phone and the conversation is going well, I just run with it! The adrenaline rush I get from closing a sale gives me the best sense of confidence and accomplishment. It’s that adrenaline rush that keeps me going and fuels my drive to exceed others’ as well as my own expectations.

Every completed sale brings me closer to my goal. It’s the most amazing feeling to achieve goals! Being able to tell the client I’ve met or exceeded their expectations is one of the best parts of my job. When hard work and striving to find the best methods and cadences for the sales cycle finally pays off, my sense of accomplishment is huge! It gives me an extra boost of confidence and experience to use in tackling the next sales goals that come my way.


Written By: Kristen Haug,

Acquirent Sales Representative