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Change is Good, Remember That.

Change is the name of the game at Acquirent. It is the nature of working for an outsourced sales company. Acquirent holds more than a dozen different clients under its corporate umbrella, each with their own products to sell, and each having their own unique metrics, sales cycles, and cultures. Working as a sales representative at Acquirent requires flexibility and the capacity to train autonomously.

Change can be difficult, especially when an employee has been working with a specific client or in a specific industry for an extended period of time. Acquirent employees consider themselves to be direct employees of their accounts. As such, they become nuanced in the language of their accounts, and they immerse themselves their accounts’ industries. Some employees at Acquirent have worked with particular companies for years. In turn, they become used to certain fundamental sales techniques.

Having been employed at Acquirent for a couple of years, I have worked with numerous companies. Throughout my time at Acquirent, I have worked in several different industries including education, marketing, web-based advertising, publishing and others. Each of my accounts has not only challenged me to become familiar with a new industry but also required me to achieve unique goals and requirements. One account may require up to 100 calls a day whereas another may require only 50. The number depends on activity metrics such as the account’s sales cycle, who a rep is speaking, with, and whether the sales technique is transactional or consultative. There are also weekly and monthly quotas to consider, as well as any number of other factors that come into play.

Sales is an ever-changing trade, and businesses live and die by their ability to keep up. Acquirent employees must adapt to change in the same way all sales professionals must adapt. Similarly, regardless of industry, sales cycle, or customer base, client patronage lives and dies by the appointed team’s ability to deliver to their specific needs and pain points. Thus, Acquirent employs a highly talented, self-driven sales staff that is entrepreneurial and flexible. Acquirent sales reps are used to jumping into new industries, dealing with new people, and managing change like it is second nature. In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “Times they are a-changin,” and chances are that sales roles will too.