Challenges of Sales Force Outsourcing

At Acquirent, we pride ourselves in being not only a successful outsourced sales force, but a leader in the world of outsourced sales in general. When we partner with a new client – we act not only as a sales consultant, but as a valued team member. When you outsource your sales team to us, we will work with you every step of the way to develop sales methods and strategies as well as a targeted sales plan that will, ultimately, boost sales.
Outsourcing sales is not always easy, and every client presents our outsourced sales team with new sales challenges. As we have mentioned before, one of the keys to sales success is product knowledge. This is a big challenge in the world of sales outsourcing. We, as sales professionals, are not “experts’ on our clients products or services and therefore must learn, quickly, how to become such. The success of this relies greatly on our client and there willingness to work WITH us to develop a successful b2b sales outsourcing campaign.

Some clients think that by outsourcing their sales force, they can wipe their hands free and “poof” – sales ROI will just magically grow. This is not the case. Our most successful sales outsourcing relationships are with the clients who work with us to constantly tweak and develop new sales methods and sales strategies. We have learned the importance of flexibility when it comes to the sales ramp-up period. We are not experts at learning our clients’ products – there is always a learning curve. What we are experts at are a) finding sales talent (both raw and developed) b) creating sales processes and sales methods and c) managing and tracking the sales process and sales professionals. In order to enjoy sales success in your outsourced sales campaign, you must be willing to put some skin in the game. Sales outsourcing should be viewed as a strategic partnership, not a miracle cure.

As experienced b2b sales consultants – we have seen great success and failure and we continue to learn every step of the way. With each new client we learn more about how to boost sales for our clients and how best to leverage our working relationships to grow sales and impact the bottom line. Before you dive into outsourcing – make sure you understand that the most successful relationships are sales partnerships. We look for clients that will work WITH us to ensure the success of their campaign. We will be instrumental in boosting sales, but you must help us to help you!

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