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Bad Things Happen To Good People: How To Keep An Undying Positive Attitude

In my experience, I have found that there is a whole multitude of activities, processes, or routines that people will employ to achieve success in their own way. However, although these methods always seem extremely diverse, there are certain commonalities that tend to appear on an extremely regular basis. As change is a constant in our lives, I decided to change my routine for success on occasion to ensure that I am striving to the best of my ability. However, one thing that I keep constant is upholding a positive attitude in whatever I am doing, whether that is professionally or in my outside life.

Before I keep going, I just want to say this: bad things happen to good people and that is a fact of life.

You’re not going to get every sale to close.

You are doing to get dumped at least once (if you haven’t already) if not many times.

You are going to have co-workers, clients and others that do not follow the Golden Rule and treat you horribly.

You will have family members and friends that are alive one day and dead the next.

I say all of these things not to be a doomsayer, not to ruin the day of anyone in particular, and certainly not to say that life is not worth living (it is). I say these things to show that life isn’t perfect and will get you down from time to time but it is just that. It is a temporary feeling that can be moved past with a positive attitude. There are so many positives that can make our lives drastically better that we close ourselves off to if we dwell on the negatives that each of us faces in our lives.

At this point, you may be wondering to yourself in front of your computer, “How do I develop a positive attitude if I don’t have one already?”. Generally, there are a few things that I have found to help me along the way.

First, don’t sweat the small stuff. Going back to the whole “bad things will happen to you”, there are insignificant things that affect you but are entirely out of your control. An example would be a traffic jam on the way to work. But if we make them significant, it detracts from other things that are good in our lives such as a good team of co-workers.

Second, if you see something that you can improve, work on improving it. Every single one of us has flaws and as the proverb goes, “to err is human”. No one was born knowing how to walk, talk, or write algebraic formulas on the board in chalk; it takes time and improvement to get to where we are now.

Third, get outside and walk around a little bit. If there is something that is bothering you, walk away for a little bit. For me, the change of scenery helps me to take my mind off the negatives and to be thankful for what I do have. Plus, exercise is good for the body has been shown in so many studies that it could take one’s entire life to read through every single one.

There’s a reason that the first pillar of Acquirent is an undying positive attitude. From my experience, it isn’t because you should expect everything to go well, it is for when things aren’t going so well and how to push forward and continue striving.

Kevin Coleman

Sales Executive