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How Attractive and Unattractive Customers will Affect Your Sales

Attractive vs Unattractive Customers

At Acquirent, we take the guess work out of understanding your customers’ needs. If you’re product has an “unattractive” customer base, we’ll help you create a more streamlined sales funnel faster and better than your competitors. If you happen to have “attractive” customers, we’ll help get your product in the spotlight because we know once potential customers see what you’re offering, they’ll be sold for life.

Outsourced Sales

But before an outsourced sales team can approach your customers, they’ll first have to study your product or service and figure out whether you’re more likely to draw in attractive customers, unattractive customers, or a mix of both.

Attractive Customer Traits

Attractive customers will view your product or service as the be-all and end-all. Because of that, you can associate the following traits with this group:

  • They’ll have a strong need for your product.
  • They’ll be loyal to your product.
  • These types of customers won’t be risky.
  • They’ll buy your product regularly.
  • They won’t see many substitutes for your product.

Unattractive Traits

Unattractive customers may buy your product or service, but they won’t be loyal to it. They may or may not buy again. Because of this, you can associate the following traits with this group:

  • They’ll have a weak need for your product.
  • They’ll be extremely hard to locate.
  • They’ll be easily wooed by competitors.
  • They’ll see many substitutes for your product
  • They probably won’t make a repeat purchase.

Utilizing Outsourced Sales

Businesses with primarily attractive customers usually offer a product or service that’s completely new, innovative, and highly appealing to a particular group of people. Businesses with unattractive customers will offer more generic products, and these products probably won’t stand-out from the crowd. Since selling starts with a product and ends with a customer purchase, it’s imperative that you know which customers to focus on and how to attract their attention. If you’re drawing a blank, then it’s time to get in touch with a sales consulting firm near Chicago who can fill-in the gaps.

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