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The Art of Team Building

In sales, effective and positive communication are key to success.

A positive company culture contributes to the disposition and energy of salespeople which directly translate into the way prospects perceive them and the company they represent. A positive attitude and the ability to communicate well with varying personalities allow salespeople to easily overcome almost any objection. So, how can employers foster these qualities in their employees? The answer: team building.

To some, team building activities may seem to be a waste of time and money. However, it is an important factor in creating a positive company culture for employees to connect with one another and thrive in their careers. People like to have a good time, even at work. Employers need to make an active and strategic plan to equip their employees with the skills necessary to work with others efficiently and enjoy what they do. This can include group events, team building exercises, company-wide competitions, and mentorship programs. Having a positive work environment increases productivity and morale, boosts creative thinking and fosters effective problem-solving skills by enabling deeper discussions and connections within the workplace.

Enabling employees to socialize within the office and develop meaningful friendships with coworkers creates an engaging environment and helps everyone feel comfortable and confident at work. Giving employees the opportunity to grow and feel heard regardless of their position brings out talents and ideas that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Meaningful insights and ideas can come from the most unexpected places. When people feel valued and welcome, there is less of a chance they will want to leave. Retaining talent within the office creates a competitive but fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy themselves and succeed professionally.

Working together efficiently towards a common goal is no easy task. Varying personality styles, perspectives, learning styles, and communication styles can halt progress and decrease productivity. Holding team building exercises dealing with group dynamics and communication styles as well as hosting social events can help combat these challenges. Employers need to help make employees aware of their own communication style and teach them how to translate their particular set of skills into a group setting. Making employees aware of their own strengths and weaknesses enables them to utilize the strengths of their fellow employees to reach their goals.