Geoff Winthrop from Acquirent

2015 Another Great Year at Acquirent

As we close the door on 2014, it is customary for me to reflect on some of Acquirent’s key accomplishments and achievements. During this time of reflection I also often stumble across some key reminders as well. The following are a couple accomplishments and reminders that I have come across:


Continued Investment in Training:

Considering we manufacture no products, we feel that people are our “products”. With that said, it is crucial that we continue to invest in sales training for our teams. Every new hire gets put through a 12 week sales training series. In addition to our new hire training, we also host a monthly all company training on a broad range of topics (everything from financial planning to health and wellness).

Hired Great People:

To build a great company, you must have great people! We totally subscribe to this concept and are proud to announce that 2014 was another banner year for finding great talent. Although our 22-step recruiting process can be tedious, it provides all parties (our clients, our candidates and Acquirent) a great understanding if a relationship together will work.

Not only have we helped grow our internal teams, but we have grown our direct placement recruiting as well. There are some companies that don’t need outsourced sales help, but they do need help finding great sales talent and we have been able to assist in that area for them.

Mentorship Continues to Flourish

I continue to be impressed with Acquirent’s mentorship program. This is one of Acquirent longest standing programs and every year it gets better and better.

The program’s Mission Statement is as follows: The Purpose of the Acquirent Mentor Program is to provide employee development at a personal and professional level to every single one of our employees. It links employees with mentors who are fully invested in their growth. In addition, it fosters open communication between all levels of employees within Acquirent.

Continued Philanthropic Endeavors

The philanthropic roots that our company and teammates possess continue to impress me. Every month there seemed to be some philanthropic endeavor going at Acquirent, whether it was selling pancakes for the YWCA, clothing drives for Evanston’s Connections for the Homeless or running countless races like the Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate.


Diversification is Key

Putting all your eggs in one basket can hurt! Unfortunately after a great 4 years relationship, Acquirent parted ways with a very significant client. Although this was a slight blow, it could have been a hundred times worse if we didn’t have great diversity in the number of clients we serve. This was just a great reminder that keeping your organization diverse in the clients it serves allows you to handle client turnover easier than if you are counting on only a few sizable customers.

Be Thankful For Your Health!

Although 2014 was a great year, it was a very tough year for a couple Acquirent teammates when it came to having severe health issues. I am happy to report that everyone is back on the mend and the tough times are behind them. Seeing what our teammates went through reminds me how important our health is and to be thankful for it. In addition, it is so important to continue to invest in your health and wellbeing through both diet and exercise.

Happy Selling in 2015!


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