Acquirent Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Photo (Left to right): Geoff Winthrop, Executive Vice President, Joe Flanagan, Chairman & CEO, and Jeff Purtell, Chief Operating Officer.

The classic entrepreneurial story, Acquirent began in a Chicago apartment in 2003, grew through a number of spaces and this year celebrates its 10th year with offices on the entire 5th floor of the Chase Tower in Downtown Evanston.

“Every great city needs great jobs. We are lucky to have Acquirent here in downtown Evanston. We will look forward to watching their continued growth!” – Craig Wortmann, CEO of Sales Engine Inc.

It started with a vision to provide greater sales infrastructure and help lower the cost of sales for small to midsized companies. From there, the company and focus have expanded to help Fortune 150 companies, as well performing sales prospecting work to full cycle sales management. “Acquirent is a strong corporate citizen, willing to collaborate with growing young companies, a strong example of the type of company that can thrive in Evanston,” Paul Zalmezak, Senior Economic Development Coordinator, Evanston Economic Development.

Today, Joe Flanagan, Chairman & CEO, Geoff Winthrop, Executive Vice President, and Jeff Purtell, Chief Operating Officer, manage more than 12 clients and over 100 professionals. Along with their growing management team, the owners know that the success and growth over the last ten years is a testament to the quality sales talent they employee. In 2012 and 2013 Acquirent won Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Company awards, with 255 percent growth in the last two years.

Acquirent has evolved into an Integrated Sales Execution Company that provides scalability, flexibility, lower cost of acquisition, efficiency and accountability for companies of all sizes. Working with all types of companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to small software startups, with sales professionals selling wellness solutions, medical equipment, energy contracts, green payroll solutions and professional education products to name a few.

“It’s been very exciting watching Acquirent grow and to see them take over the 5th floor of the Chase Tower. The company adds tremendous energy and stability to Downtown Evanston and is poised for another strong decade,” Marshall Solem, ZS Associates Principal.

Plotting the next ten years is where Acquirent’s leadership is focused. While the core business will remain unchanged, recruiting, training and managing sales teams, the leadership is working to expand on areas of success. “Acquirent will focus on building out its recruiting solutions as well as training to help midsize corporations build inside sales teams that bring results,” says Joe Flanagan, CEO.


In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent, we created the blog series “Top 10 Reasons I Love Working @ Acquirent.”

Once a month we invite a teammate to write 10 Reasons they Love Working at Acquirent and the series has been a hit.

Below is a link to each blog post from the archives for your reading enjoyment;

Check back to hear from more of our teammates on why they love working at Acquirent.

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