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5 Words You Should Use in Sales or Marketing

Words To Use In Sales or Marketing

When I read “11 Words You Should Never Use in Sales or Marketing,” I agreed with most of what the author said. In the article, which originally appeared on Inc. but can be read in full on Huffington Post, it discusses the importance of words and their impact on how well we communicate. Because sales and marketing rely heavily on how we communicate, words make all the difference in closing the deal. The article highlights 11 words and phrases that are overused, redundant or cliche. Well done!

However, as a sales leader, manager, coach and individual, I like to focus on what you should say in your pitch and marketing materials.

Learn The Right Sales Words

Earlier in my career, I used to make up large signs for a rep and draw a line through the word I didn’t want them to say. One example is the word “basically.” I hate that word because nothing we do is ever basic. To ensure the word wasn’t used, I’d make a big sign with the word BASIC on it, draw a circle and red line through it for emphasis. Something similar to the Ghostbusters logo.

What was the result? Even though this one word was the one word I didn’t want my reps to say (and stared them in the face as they made calls), inevitably, it was the one word they kept saying! Calling attention to the don’ts proved to have the opposite effect.

Today, I encourage reps to fill their workspaces with mental and visual cues that remind them of what they should say. Keeping these inspiration visuals helps to enforce best practices in sales.


Here are some of my favorite cues, words and phrases you should integrate into your sales or marketing process right away:

  • Keep an eye on the process. For one of our clients, we are working on “feature, benefit, tie down” selling to get results. The client visualizes it as a bridge. To stay motivated, the rep posted a picture of a bridge that remains a friendly reminder to complete the entire process in order to be successful.
  • Your name and their name. No word is more musical to anyone than their own name. Make sure you say it throughout your sales call. Not only will a personal connection be made, it’s a tactic that will get someone’s attention back if you’ve lost it.
  • Ask “Would it be helpful if …?” This question can help you be, as the article notes, customer focused without saying, “I am customer focused.”
  • “That’s interesting tell me more.” This phrase never ceases to amaze me when you ask it as a follow up question. Try it on your next sales call and see how much more a prospect will tell you about what they need (and how much you can sell them).
  • “Thank you!” Seems simple right? But you would be amazed how many sales calls from good sales reps lack the simple, yet powerful “Thank you.” Whether it’s for their time, information, lead or referral, say “Thank you.” Simple as that.

Of course, these are just a few of the many other examples, many of which are specific to your sales process. So starting today, focus on the words you should use, instead of highlighting the don’ts.

What are you favorite words, phrases or visual cues do you make sure to use on every sales call?