5 Ways to Motivate Sales People to Move Your Business Forward

If you are responsible for managing a sales staff, then you know how many pressures your employees face in realizing success. One way to alleviate some of the pressure and to ensure the health of your business is to provide them with the support they need to reach their goals and, ultimately, keep your company moving forward.

The truth is that your sales staff needs your help, and one of the best ways you can provide just that is by motivating them to work harder, smarter and better every day. Read on for some actionable tips to strengthen your sales staff and build your business.

Provide continual training opportunities

Whether your business operates with outsourced sales or an in-house team, training is a crucial component to competency, confidence and success in sales. Encourage peer-to-peer mentoring and take pointers from team structures and operations that you wish to emulate. Remember, training isn’t just for new hires!

Dare to question the status quo

Remain open to new sales tools and strategies. In order to offer clients a fresh product offering, you must be open to fresh ideas yourself.

Build a better atmosphere for your sales staff

In order to work their best, you must be in regular contact with your sales staff to understand their triumphs and troubles. Doing so will also provide you with an opportunity to learn what motivates them on an individual level so that you may encourage and reward them accordingly.

Rethink your commission and incentives

Examine the relationship between sales quotas and commission policies to determine whether the tradeoff is truly motivational or even practical. Think more broadly about how your incentives push your sales staff to succeed, and consider providing them more regularly to encourage consistently strong performance.

Recognize great work

Our experience at Acquirent has shown us just how many factors are involved in effective motivation strategies, but one of the most important by far is recognition of outstanding accomplishments. Positive reinforcement encourages consistent performance and greater confidence.

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