5 Sales Strategies You Can Use Anytime

Any sales consulting firm knows, it’s not enough to sell on the job: you’ve got to learn how to sell on the fly. When opportunity come knocking, you get one chance to make a first impression. If you’re at a social event, conference, or even just a restaurant and you see a person you recognize as a potential high-end client, you may need to put on your game face and strike while the iron’s hot. If you find yourself in a position like this, consider the following:

  • If it’s an opportunity, jump on it: Being a great salesperson comes down to two main things: knowing how to sale and knowing who to sale to. Don’t waste your time approaching someone who won’t be interested. Research a potential client in advance and ensure that their needs fit into your services. If you think it’s a good match, find a reason to approach them.
  • Be patient: When it comes to sales, the process is generally long and requires intense commitment on your part. Trying to push a potential client or customer too hard will only lead to backlash, mistrust, and inevitably, a broken deal. When an opportunity presents itself, give your client time and a few gentle nudges. Always avoid a hard nudge when possible.
  • Always sell: Don’t let a potential client or customer walk away because you weren’t ready. Like in business, you want an elevator pitch ready when opportunities fall into your lap. The same idea applies to sales.
  • Create reciprocity: Have you ever noticed when you do good things for people, they usually want to do good things for you? If you want to earn a customer’s trust, you need to offer them something upfront. If it’s a company you’re trying to court, look at their business, find loose ends, and finally, offer them a little free advice or a simple solution. Doing this will earn their trust, and they might very well seek you out when facing a similar issue.
  • Follow-up: When you show a potential customer that you truly value their support, they’ll likely turn to you for any future needs. If you sell products online, send out emails after a customer purchases your product. Ask customers how they like it. Ask them what they’d change. Most importantly, ask them for honest feedback. Great customers will purchase time and time again, and they’ll recommend you to others. But you won’t have great customers if you don’t put in the time or effort to get to know them.

There you have it, five simple tricks to sell better. If you’re looking for more tips or want to get some business sales training in the Chicago area, reach out to a local sales consulting firm like Acquirent. We’ll help you understand your processes and customers better, so you can lead with efficiency and close with a win.

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