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5 Sales Behaviors You Need to Succeed

Guest post by Kelley Robertson

Long-term success in sales means that you need develop a variety of behaviors. Here are five sales behaviors that will help you succeed and achieve that goal.

Behavior #1: Regular prospecting.

The best sales people dedicate a significant portion of their weekly schedule to prospect for new business opportunities. Prospecting is not an enjoyable task but successful sales know that regular execution will prevent the peaks and valleys that many other sales people experience.

Do you schedule enough time in your weekly routine to prospect for new business?

Behavior #2: Asking powerful questions.

Sales people who achieve long-term success consistently ask high-value, tough and penetrating questions. They don’t waste time asking low-value questions such as:

  • “What are your needs?”
  • “What do you know about us?”
  • “If I could show you how to save money, would you be interested?”

Instead they ask questions that cause their prospect to actually think and that give them—the sales person—key insights into the prospect’s situation.

“What are the top two or three challenges you are struggling with right now?”
“How are those issues affecting…?”
“What impact will a solution have on your business? On you?”

What powerful questions can you create?

Behavior #3: Persistence.

You can’t make one call or send one letter or email and expect to connect with your prospect. In today’s new business climate it takes up to 14-16 touch points to connect with chief decision makers. That means you need to be persistent and use a variety of strategies and approaches if you want to connect and meet with your prospects.

How many attempts to connect are you willing to make?

Behavior #4: Asking.

Top sales people consistently ask for what they want and/or need. They ask for appointments and meetings. They ask for clarification when unclear about something or when a prospect makes a vague statement. They ask for the sale. They ask for something in return for making a concession. They ask for referrals. They ask for letters of endorsement or testimonials. In short, they ask for anything that will help them move the sales process forward or that will help them increase their sales.

What do you need to start asking for?

Behavior #5: Follow up.

Many a sale has been lost due to lack of follow up and I guarantee that you are losing sales if you are waiting for people to call you back. Considering the technology we have at our disposal, making follow-up contact with prospects should be easy.

Unfortunately, many sales people believe that the prospect will call them if they are interested. However, prospects are incredibly busy which means it is your responsibility to reconnect with them after you have sent them a proposal or conducted a meeting or presentation.

What follow-up system do you need to develop?

Develop these sales behaviors and integrate them into your routine and you will notice an immediate improvement in your results. Do you know what sales blunders are costing you money? Go here to get a FREE audio program and two other sales-boosting resources that will help you increase your sales.

Kelley helps people master their sales conversations so they can win more business and increase their sales. He does this by conducting sales training workshops and delivering keynote speeches at conferences, sales meetings and other events.

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