5 Habits of Effective Salespeople

Here on the Acquirent blog, we often share strategies and techniques designed to help you up your sales game. But being an effective salesperson isn’t simply a matter of knowing and implementing the best strategies, it also takes the right mindset and habits—habits that are formed off the clock as well as on. Looking at some of the top salespeople in our office, we noticed several habits that all of them have in common. Here are the top 5 habits shared by our outsourced sales gurus:

  • Positivity: At its core, sales is about cultivating relationships. So who would you rather have a relationship with, a negative, high-strung individual who acts like the sky is falling at the first sign that something isn’t going as planned? Or a positive, enthusiastic individual goes with the flow and works towards solutions? You’re going to have bad days—but don’t show your client.
  • Listening Skills: Good salespeople are good listeners. In order to fully understand what a client’s needs are, you need to be an effective listener. But effective listening isn’t something most people can just “turn on.” It takes practice. So next time you’re having a conversation, don’t think about what you’re having for lunch or that meeting at 3:00. Just listen.
  • Take Notes: Ever have a meeting or sales call, get back to your desk, and after about 5 minutes you realize you forgot half the stuff you just talked about? Get in the habit of carrying a notepad with you—you won’t regret it.
  • Strive For More: Finally, one thing that all our best salespeople have in common is that they’re constantly striving to do more. They stay abreast of industry trends, they seek feedback from experienced mentors, and they always themselves what else they could be doing. Good salespeople know the process is as important as the result!

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