4 Words You Should Be Using In Your Sales Call

There’s no magic word to nailing a sales call—if only it were that easy. That being said, the language we use when talking with potential leads is important. Different words carry different associations, and the words you choose will certainly change how your potential customers perceive you. Here at Acquirent, your trusted outsourced sales experts, we know that creating a relationship is the most important part of making a sale—and your words have a bigger impact on that relationship than you might think.

  • You – So, this should be obvious, but it’s more about getting yourself in the right mindset than anything. Too often, salespeople get so caught up in making their sale that they forget that the customer doesn’t care about any of that. Customers care about their business, and they only care about you insofar as you can help it. If you’re saying “I” or “we” more than “you,” you might need to shift attitudes.
  • Value – Focus on value, not price. Price is a number—value is what you can provide for their business. Which makes for a better conversation starter? Many salespeople make the mistake of leading by talking about their low prices, instead focus on how you’re providing more.
  • Benefits – Avoid the mistake of launching into a long soliloquy of the many great specs of your product. Remember, your customer doesn’t care how cool your product is—they care about how it is going to make their business better. Do your research, and find a few concrete ways that your product could help this client specifically.
  • New – There’s something about people that makes us hardwired to always crave what’s new. When customers hear about your product, they want to be assured they’re getting the latest and greatest. Once your client signs on, be sure to periodically update them on new features and improvements to the product.

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