4 Sales Habits for Success

“Sales is a numbers game.” To conquer this numbers game, you have to have a certain set of skills. As I interview new sales hires every week, I look for these skills because I know they lead to a successful sales person, and in turn, a successful sales company. The obvious skills I look for in great sales people are: the need to remain professional, great written and oral communication skills, a competitive and self-motivated personality, and the ability to close the sale.

But skill isn’t everything. What really sets a great sales person apart is the ability to repeat that skill, time after time after time. Doing something for one day or even one week isn’t as effective as repeating that good practice over and over. Enter the idea of a habit or routine.

So what are my top 4 Sales Habits for Success? Here are the specific habits I look for:

1. Organization. This is definitely a habit and a challenge for many in sales. That said, I think what can make a great sales person out of a good one is organizational skills—the ability to stay on top of a large funnel of opportunity, not miss meetings or calls. Those few deals that one sales person misses can turn a good month into a great one for another sales person.

2. Focus. Because our jobs require that we multitask all the time, it can be a challenge to remain focused. Listening to the client while also formulating thenext question requires a certain talent, and some repetition. But focusing on the task at hand will help you pick up on cues and notice opportunities.

3. Reading. Yes, it seems pretty repetitive at times, but continually reading new ideas, techniques or even refreshers is a habit of all successful sales people. You never know where you’ll find your next great idea. Keeping up your reading habit will ensure you never miss an opportunity.

4. Schedule your days. The scheduling habit actually can make sure you practice other habits! Make sure you set aside blocks of time for the most important priorities. Tackling your day, week and month starts with a plan. Once I had a sales manager who always used to say, “Make your plan, then work your plan.” The simple statement has stuck with me and become a habit.

There are plenty of habits (good and bad) that can help or hurt you in sales, in your career and in life. These are just a few ones that I try to live by and practice. What other sales habits do you use to make sure you make the most of each day? Whatever they may be, make sure to keep it up.