3 Ways to Win the Buyer’s Trust

You’d have to be living under a rock these days to miss out on the fact that consumers are talking—social media makes it easier than ever to share consumer experiences. Consumers are talking to each other, they’re talking to your competitors and they’re talking to you. But are you listening?

At Acquirent, we spend a lot of our time doing just that. If you’re not all ears for your consumers yet, you should be. Thanks to the convenience of sharing information and maintaining communication online, your customers are more in control of their purchase decisions than ever, and that means that you will have to move closer to them to make your product or service offering relevant.

Our outsourced sales team at Acquirent is focused on reaching consumers effectively by thinking like buyers rather than sellers. Here are the top three ways to ensure that your company is focused on winning both the trust and business of buyers.

  • Understand your buyer. Once you know who your consumer is and what he or she is looking for, you will do a much better job of tailoring your sales approach to his or her individual needs. Without knowing your buyer, how can you know how your product will help them?
  • Understand where your buyer is in the buying process. We’re all familiar with a buying cycle that follows consumers along their journey from awareness to consideration and, finally, to purchase, but how does this help you speak to your buyer and begin thinking like him or her? Once you think about your consumer’s path to purchase, you will be in a better place to provide them with what they need. Often, what your buyer truly needs is just some more information, not a sales pitch. Taking this step will put you in a strong position to grow a trusting relationship with your buyers.
  • Speak like a buyer. This one’s easy – avoid industry jargon and your typical sales sound bites and just talk like a human being, it builds credibility. Rather than rambling off all of your capabilities, focus on pointing out the aspects of your product or service that can offer a benefit to your buyers.

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