3 Reasons to Make a Job Change

Today’s workforce is not the same as my father’s. Millennial and Y gen professionals are more inclined to stay with a current employer when they are motivated by growth and challenges, not necessarily nonmonetary incentives. However, when motivators and employment benefits are lacking, employees become unmotivated and dissatisfied, and it may be time to make a job change.

An RSA Animate video, adapted from a talk given by bestselling author Dan Pink in February 2013, illustrates the truth about what motivates us. Benefits, such as work-life balance, flexible scheduling, collaborative environment and recognition, often incentivize employees more than cash.

So when should you begin looking for a new opportunity? Here are three reasons to make a job change.


Having an individual’s professional development limited by minimal advancement, learning opportunities and increased responsibilities can be an immediate detriment to employment satisfaction.

Professional growth is an important factor in having a happy workforce. Establishing practices, such as a mentorship program, continued professional education and having access to senior management, means employees have multiple resources to continue to improve professionally.


Enjoying what you do is paramount to workplace satisfaction. As soon as that stops occurring for extended periods of time, it is time to look for new employment.

Especially in outsourced sales, employees become the reason why clients work with you. When a company creates an enjoyable work environment and culture, employees work more productively and produce better work. Having an atmosphere where collaboration is encouraged and having access to upper management also fosters a better work environment.

At Acquirent, we focus on three core competencies: recruiting, training and managing sales professionals to help our employees grow. This is the foundation of our business and is a testament to the partners’ vision and mission.


Progressing in a career is all about facing and tackling new challenges. Once these cease to exist in your current position, it’s time to look for a new challenge.

Having new opportunities, growth and challenges engages employees for longer.

Because Acquirent offers an extensive client list, at differing levels of sales, this provides employees growth opportunities and challenges. Our recruiting process also allows candidates to choose which opportunity to pursue given their level of experience and skill set.

If your job lacks career development, fun and/or challenges, it’s time to look for a job opportunity that inspires.

Happy job hunting!