Top Sales Rep Success

Tips to Become a Great Salesperson

The first day in a young sales rep’s career is just as exciting as the first day they close a deal, and it is just as important. If it is their first day in sales and not just their first day on the job, then it is especially important to determine their strengths and weaknesses to set a framework for fair expectations. The following blog outlines themes that will be key for a rookie sales rep to get off to a great start.

In my experience, it is true that 99 to 100 percent of sales reps (including myself) drop the ball on their first call. Sales can be awkward and intimidating at first, so it is okay and often expected for reps to stumble through initially. Practice makes perfect, and it is important for new reps to realize that they will probably not have a flawless beginning.

Every call offers something new that reps can learn to develop their skills. After fumbling through a few calls, their strengths and weaknesses will become clear. It is important for new reps to work with their teams or managers to create a plan for improvement. Asking questions helps reps grow and improve.

Stick to the plan! Too often, I hear young sales reps tell me why something will not work before even giving it a try. A sales rep’s job is to bring people across the table. It is important to reach out before assuming a campaign is not working. If something truly is not working, it is helpful for reps to identify why.

There are a lot of tasks a young sales rep can do on the first day at work, but committing to doing a good job is a top priority. New reps should work at everything about themselves including their voice, pitch, attitude, knowledge, networking and presentation skills and more. New reps should approach their roles with confidence to tackle all the work there is to do.

Written By: Jack McCarthy,

Acquirent Selling Manager