SalesForce CRM Consulting Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a must for every organization, reaching $26.3 billion dollars of total revenue in 2015. With roughly 20% of the market, Salesforce has become the market leader due to its innovation and customizability.

When it comes to Salesforce implementation, most CRM consulting firms will enable every available feature. Unfortunately, this typically comes at the detriment of the people using it… your sales team! Acquirent has been consulting and implementing Salesforce instances for organizations focusing on sales team ease of use while delivering the data and insights required by management. As a leading Salesforce partner, we can help.

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Acquirent’s SalesForce Administrator, Jaime McGillen and Executive Vice President Geoff Winthrop discuss why many organizations struggle with implementing and how Acquirent is helping organizations bridge the gap.