Lead Data Enrichment & Cleansing Services

The world of sales has become more specialized. Long gone are the days when one sales professional is responsible for all aspects of sales.

Today, modern sales organizations use Business Development Representatives (BDR), Product Demonstration Specialists, Account Executives, Closers and Customer Success Managers. That said, why are most of these companies still expecting their BDRs (and some Closers) to research who to call? These organizations’ sales professionals spend up to 50% of their time in an administrative role (researching lead, validating data, or collecting information), which translates to an excessive amount of time they are NOT SELLING – hence the need for Acquirent’s Lead Data Enrichment & Cleansing Services. Let us turn your CRM into a lead generation machine.

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Let Your Sales People Sell

Why do companies have their most precious resources (highly talented and costly sales professionals) spend significant time doing anything other than selling?



Is the amount of time Sales Professionals spend cleaning up bad or incomplete data!