Content Syndication

Acquirent Marketing works with the largest B2B content syndication lead generation network, with 125 million unique visitors monthly across 300 industry sectors. Acquirent creates, manages, and optimizes your campaign using your lead criteria, target audience, and content relevance.

A piece of thought leadership content (white paper recommended) is promoted across 15,000 web properties and 10 promotional channels. Hot MQLs (marketing qualified leads) are generated immediately to fill the gaps created while your long-term lead generation marketing strategies pick up steam. In addition to delivering hot MQLs, content syndication allows you to spread your brand and expertise to a larger, targeted audience, while simultaneously building your content library and opted-in lead list for continued lead nurturing.

Content syndication leads are inbound MQLs who have filled out a form to download your content. Only pay for leads that fit your unique, pre-determined qualifications.

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Let Your Sales People Sell

Why do companies have their most precious resources (highly talented and costly sales professionals) spend significant time doing anything other than selling?