HomeAdvisor Case Study

The Challenge

HomeAdvisor is a contracting service that provides a steady stream of leads for construction contractors. They came to us four years ago with the objective of diversifying their sales staff. They had worked with a different outsourced sales provider that had been underperforming, and were interested in a new channel. They came to Acquirent for results, and we delivered.

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Our Approach

While Acquirent was provided with some training material in the beginning, we took a collaborative approach week-by-week, month-by-month. By discussing what works, what doesn’t, and a strategy incorporating both, we created a results-based methodology. When onboarding new sales executives, we start by giving them the most challenging lead sources first – when they advance to inbound leads, they are prepared to hit the ground running. This has allowed us to produce high performers in a shorter period of time.

Our Results

In September of 2016, we started the account with two sales reps – since then, we have grown it to 11. Despite the challenges experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have managed to increase our average deals per month even with a smaller team. We attribute this to our fantastic relationship with HomeAdvisor, and an approach that has led us to close 164 deals per month, over double the number of leads per month we got from the start.


Acquirent Makes a Difference

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