Challenges Facing Sales Teams

Challenges Facing Sales Companies Today: Why Outsourced Sales Matters

What is the number one issue facing sales organizations today? Talent. Finding qualified salespeople is tough – often an interview can only shed so much light on the talent of a salesperson, which can sometimes be disproved once they start hitting the phones. For this reason, finding talent often falls on companies like ours. Why use outsourced sales, and why are organizations dedicated to recruitment, training, and management more critical than ever?

Below, we examine why the market has companies turning more and more towards outsourced sales talent, and the benefits that they offer.

Why Outsourced Sales?

Finding outsourced sales talent is hard. While a multi-stage interview can quickly determine how good at communicating any given salesperson is, it doesn’t always illustrate their abilities.

When people come to visit our offices, one thing they often emphasize is their drive to find “hungry salespeople”. In essence, this is about finding people who are actively driven to find deals wherever they lay and closing them. A good salesperson is good at handling rejection – it is how the vast majority of calls end, and can wear down those who are unprepared.

Specifically, we test the personalities of incoming salespeople to find the “hunter profile” – that is, those who are driven to find and close leads. However, as our testing has proved, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of our best sales talent is in this single category. Our test, the Wonderlic, tests the potential of recruits beyond just their sales aptitude, determining how they handle a variety of problems and how they go about resolving them.

From here, we go about a process of continuous training and management to ensure that the potential of our salespeople is fostered and grown. Sales is more than just goals, but building a supportive community that can foster sales talent and allow them to maintain their full potential.

Acquirent: a Leader in Outsourcing Your Lead Generation and Sales Talent

Acquirent understands that sales is challenging – and we’re committed not only to the excellence of our clients, but building world-class sales teams that are able to handle any kind of call. We recruit, train, and manage companies ranging from exciting startups to Fortune 500 companies. More than just a sales service, we act as ambassadors and strategists for your product or service. We listen to the pain points of clients, and report on what is working and what isn’t.

What makes Acquirent special? Contact us today, or read more about our five pillars of sales success.