Topics to Avoid in Sales Prospecting

What are the best topics to avoid in sales prospecting? Sales prospecting is an intimidating task for even the most experienced reps. Starting a conversation with a stranger on the phone feels awkward, and trying to sell a product may feel even more uncomfortable. After all, you want your prospect to feel intrigued by your offer, without overwhelming them or pushing too hard.

The best salespeople have developed strategies to engage prospects without overstepping their bounds. Here are five topics to avoid during sales prospecting, so you can streamline your sales pitch and convert more leads.

5 Topics to Avoid in Sales Prospecting

#1 Avoid Obvious Questions

This is a tricky point because it is important to engage with a prospect by asking questions and listening to their answers. But successful questions should demonstrate your curiosity to learn more, not your lack of knowledge, so it’s best to do some research before you hop on a sales call.

Vague and generic questions about a prospect’s company, role, or mission may give off the impression that you haven’t bothered to do any research before picking up the phone. While it’s appropriate to ask some detailed questions about a prospect’s role, spend a few minutes researching basic information so you can enter the call with confidence and knowledge.

#2 Don’t Overshare About Your Product

This is another tip that requires balance and finesse. Of course, the entire point of a sales call is to tell a prospect about your product—you’re there to make a pitch! But pitching your product does not mean boring your prospect with an overload of information.

Try to reframe your sales pitch by focusing on value-based selling. Share a few crucial and unique details about your product, but then focus on the value your product offers to a customer, rather than all the minute specifications and features of your product. The details can wait for later once the customer is further along in the sales process.

#3 Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

It’s common for reps to reach for guarantees, discounts, and bundles in a last-ditch attempt to close a sale. While some of these offers may be perfectly valid, it’s important to keep a level head and be honest with your prospect about pricing and purchase guarantees.

Approach the conversation by communicating price points and special offers with clarity. Don’t back yourself into a corner by promising discounts you can’t guarantee or pushing a bundle too hard. Often, customers appreciate when salespeople are straightforward and clear about the price of their products.

#4 Don’t Bad-Mouth the Competition

Sometimes sales reps try to edge out the competition by resorting to negative rhetoric about other companies. But selling the value of your product does not need to rely on knocking down another business.

We get it, drawing a comparison is an effective strategy for delineating what makes your company unique, and that’s okay! Comparing your product to others can be done in a way that is straightforward and honest, and doesn’t involve judgement-based aspersions about another company’s ethos.

#5 Don’t Force Your Own Timeline

Every client makes decisions at their own pace. While it may feel frustrating to exercise patience, it’s important not to be overly pushy or aggressive when closing a deal.

Instead of using hard closing strategies, turn to softer tactics that will lead your prospect towards making a decision rather than forcing their hand. It’s helpful to keep your eye on the goal of the conversation, but don’t let that dictate your attitude or sense of urgency. Every company needs to operate within their own timeline, and pushing too hard will only create discomfort or irritation.

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