How to Get Sales Leads Without Cold Calling

Let’s face it—cold calling can be a drag. Many sales reps dread the hours spent making call after call with little reward. But many companies keep cold calling around as a prospecting strategy because it’s an effective way to generate new leads.

Although cold calling works, it’s not the most efficient strategy for every sales team. Luckily, there are many ways to gain new leads without picking up the phone. Here’s our guide on how to get new leads without cold calling.

How to Get Sales Leads Without Cold Calling

Utilize Cold Emailing

Instead of relying on the phone, use cold email campaigns to reach new audiences. Like cold calling, cold emailing introduces your company to new audiences through spontaneous communication. The benefit of cold emailing is that you can reach hundreds of new leads with the click of a button.

When crafting a cold email, use an informative and friendly template to catch your prospect’s attention without being overly pushy. Cold emailing software allows you to customize each email so your prospects feel a personal connection with your brand. Plus, when you use email management programs it’s simple to nurture leads with drip campaigns and special offers.

Connect Via Social Media Marketing

A strong social marketing campaign is a powerful tool for gaining new leads. Social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all fantastic for reaching new audiences in a low-pressure environment.

Design a social marketing campaign that’s dynamic, eye-catching, and engaging. Don’t be afraid to engage with prospects in a low-key manner by liking their comments or responding to direct messages. Join professional groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to meet new people who are interested in similar business practices, solutions, or industries.

Facilitate Networking Opportunities

There’s something to be said for making connections in-person. Take advantage of opportunities to attend industry-related events or seminars and spend time talking with attendees. If you have the ability, consider scheduling your own event and host a live Q&A. This is a great way to engage with new prospects and educate them about your company and mission.

Networking isn’t just about attending industry events—it’s about making connections. Effective networkers are open, warm, and enthusiastic. Remember, you want to add value to your customer’s lives, so you should approach conversations with interested leads as an opportunity to offer help and to be generous.

Ask For Referrals

One of the best ways to make new connections is to ask for customer referrals. Prospects who hear about your company through a trusted professional connection, colleague, friend, or relative are much more likely to engage with your brand and learn more.

It’s important to encourage current customers to provide referrals through incentive programs. Although it’s a nice feeling to help out, most people need some gentle prodding to follow-through with providing a referral.

Offer incentives to current clients whose referrals become customers. These might include: credit towards the customer’s account, special vouchers for deals and promotions, or cash rewards.

How do I Get Sales Leads Without Cold Calling? Use Us!

Instead of saddling your in-house team with the responsibility of cold calling, partner with an outsourced sales development company to share the load. Outsourced SDRs are highly-trained sales professionals, who specialize in generating qualified leads. Outsourced reps have the skills and resources to focus exclusively on generating leads through cold calling. With access to the latest sales enablement technology and wide-reaching connections, professional SDRs have a leg-up when it comes to efficient and effective cold calling.

Another benefit of partnering with an outsourced lead generation company is you don’t need to spend money hiring and training new sales reps. Your team of outsourced SDRs will work with you to develop a personalized sales prospecting plan based on your target audience.

Lead Generation with Acquirent

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