Breaking Down Sales Funnel Development

Sales funnel development is a fantastic approach to help you visualize the sales process from start to finish. From prospecting, to nurturing leads, to closing the deal, your sales funnel is a roadmap that guides you through the stages of making a sale, and ensures that your clients move through their purchasing process efficiently.

Developing a sales funnel starts with understanding your clients. By anticipating how customers move through the sales process, you can tailor your marketing and follow-up strategies to nurture leads every step of the way. Here are our tips on how to break down sales funnel development.

What are the Stages of Sales Funnel Development?

Think of the sales funnel as a visual representation of your leads as they move through the sales process. Visualize how sand moves through a real funnel, narrowing down from a large pool to a small trickle. The same principle applies to the sales funnel. At the start of the funnel, you have a large pool of interested prospects. As you continue to move prospects through various stages, the pool narrows.

In general, the sales funnel breaks down into four distinct stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. Each phase represents a different point in your prospect’s journey from qualified lead, to valued client.


The awareness stage of the funnel begins when a prospect is introduced to your company. A prospect at this stage of the funnel is conducting research to find a product or solution to address their unique needs. Your goal is to present a quick, compelling snapshot of the benefits your brand has to offer.

Capture your prospect’s attention and encourage them to learn more through social media posts, customer reviews, or word-of-mouth recommendations. You can also invest in SEO strategies to boost your company’s presence on search engine results.


During the interest stage of the sales funnel, a customer actively researches your company and compares your product with your competitors. Facilitate customer engagement by offering educational resources like testimonials, webinars, and product demonstrations. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering special deals and satisfaction guarantees.


When a prospect reaches the decision phase of the funnel, they’ve narrowed down their purchase options and are seriously considering purchasing your product or service. The decision phase is an ideal time to offer prospects an additional buying incentive like a promotion code or free shipping. Your reps should be nurturing prospects during this phase by discussing pricing options, and offering additional customer support.


The final stage of the funnel is all about action! After researching your product, your customers have finally decided to make a purchase. The action stage is the pivotal moment when you close the deal with your prospect. Make sure that the relationship doesn’t end here by offering continued support and opportunities for customer feedback.

Development Strategies

Developing an effective sales funnel is a combination of research and data based on past customer experiences. Ideally, you’ll utilize numerous metrics to gauge the success of different phases of your funnel.

Analyze Qualified Lead Conversions

How many of your initial leads turn into qualified leads during the prospecting process? This data will help you measure the effectiveness of your lead qualification process, and ensure that prospects move smoothly from the Awareness to the Interest stages of your funnel.

Measure Sales Cycle Length

How long is your sales cycle? Understanding how long it takes for prospects to move through the funnel from Awareness to Action will address hiccups in your sales pipeline. This helps reps keep a general timeline in mind as they move prospects through the buying process.

Develop Effective Marketing Strategies

Utilize omni-channel marketing strategies to engage customers through multiple marketing channels. Prioritize a marketing strategy that’s dynamic and engaging and ensure your content flows effortlessly between channels.

Work with an Outsourced Sales Funnel Development Company

Instead of exclusively relying on your in-house team for sales funnel development, utilize the expertise of an outsourced sales development company to streamline your funnel.

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